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$ 8,620 winning
Successful / Totalpredictions
693 / 1232
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$ 21,349 winning
Successful / Totalpredictions
858 / 2748
Wisdom of Crowd
$ 5,292 winning
Successful / Totalpredictions
303 / 1103
Algorithms Predictions
$ 14,138 winning
Successful / Totalpredictions
584 / 1884
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Latest Draw Predictions Statistics: Sat 13 Jul 2019

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  • 3 / 6
    of correctly predicted numbers
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Best Predictions for Lotto
Lotto Prize Breakdown
Division Match Usual prize
1st Prize Match 6 $1,000,000
2nd Prize Match 5 + Extra Shot $35,000
3rd Prize Match 5 $1,000
4th Prize Match 4 + Extra Shot $1,500
5th Prize Match 4 $25
6th Prize Match 3 + Extra Shot $125
7th Prize Match 3 $3
8th Prize Match 2 + Extra Shot $25
9th Prize Match 2 $1
10th Prize Match 1 + Extra Shot $10
11th Prize Match Extra Shot $5

Illinois to sell the Powerball ticket online

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Illinois Lotto Data Analysis
Adjacent Numbers Analyser
Track numbers that are one higher or one lower than the winning number from previous draw in the same ticket position for Illinois Lotto.
Low/High Numbers Analyser
This lottery data analyzer tracks the occurrences of low and high numbers in the whole Illinois Lotto draw results history.
Odd/Even Numbers Analyser
This lottery data analyzer tracks the occurrences of odd and even numbers in the whole Illinois Lotto draw results history.
Combined Numbers Analyser
This lottery data analyzer tracks the occurrences of low / high and odd / even numbers for Illinois Lotto.
Numbers Groups Analyser
This lottery data analyzer tracks how numbers fall into 5 number groups (usually group of 10 numbers) for Illinois Lotto.
Number Pairs Analyser
This lottery data analyzer displays the occurrences of all possible number pairs in analyzed tickets for Illinois Lotto.
About Illinois Lotto

USA Illinois Lotto is one of lottery games formed by government to support education and veteran programs in this state. Thirty cent of each dollar spent on the lottery will go to the state. Besides that, the fund is compiled from the taxes paid by the winners of this game. One thing that makes it different from other state lotteries in USA is that this game is televised across the nation.

In the past, not all people are allowed to join on this game. Only could citizens living in this state play the state lottery game. But now, it has changed. All of Americans has the opportunity to be a part of this game. Even now, people outside USA are allowed to participate in this lotto. Although there is no geographical boundary in this game, those who are under eighteen are not allowed to buy tickets for this game.

The play is quite simple. Players buy a dollar for an entry and choose 6 numbers in the range of 1-52. They can also use Quick Pick to decide which numbers they will use in the game. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, numbers are drawn to find the lucky winners. They win the jackpots when their chosen numbers are same as the numbers drawn. If that happens, they deserve at least a million dollar prize. This ammount might be higher if there are not matching numbers in each drawing.

With three drawings in a week, players have bigger chances to get sum of cash from this game. Although they cannot make a right six-number guess, they still have chances to get some money. Five, four, or three match numbers also gives some returns for the players. They can always check the results of the drawing online. If they win $600 or less, the prize will be automatically deposited in their account. For over $600 prizes, the claim department will send them an email how to process the claim.

The open chances to win some cash have attracted people to play this game. This game help them to realize their dream to turn their life better,and in the other side they help support the needy organizations in the state.