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This week will be a great week for lottery punters playing Mega Million and Powerball because the jackpots will become really big. Mega Million jackpot is reaching $89 million to be drawn on Friday, Jan 25 and the Powerball will be $110 million.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, nobody bought the winning numbers of 16-39-7-54-11 with 13 as the Mega Number. The jackpot offered on that day was $89 million to be taken in a lump sum payment for 26 years or $50 if taken cash, before taxes.

Although there were no jackpots won on Jan 22, there were some big prizes given away on that day. In Fontana and Santa Clarita of California, there were two lottery players winning $250,000. There was also another winner in New York and Kansas.

In addition to that, the officials also announced that there were quite a lot of winners in the US for smaller prizes. There were 31 winners bringing home $10,000 and there were a lot more who won prizes of $150, $10, $7, $3, and $2.

The big jackpot to be drawn on Friday will hopefully attract more players to buy the tickets which are only $1 each. The more players taking part in the game, the more donations can be obtained from the sector to help improve education and other good causes.

by LottoPrediction , Thu 24 January, 2013