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On a bored Tuesday, fisherman Austin Eubank dropped by a store in Wilmington for a drink and decided to try his luck at the lottery.

As it turned out, what he decided to try his luck on, landed him a $1 million dollar jackpot.

According to him, the win caught him by surprise seeing as he's not into playing the lottery.

A simple gamble of $20 on a Mega Cash ticket at the Speedway on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington ushered him into a whole new level of wealth when he scratched off the card and could not believe his eyes. In his exact words, "It's fun to dream about, but you never expect it to you happen to you."

Rather than blowing his horn in the parking lot, Eubank called his wife swiftly, asked where she was before dropping the bomb.

 His wife who also made a statement in a release said she knew something was up from the way he sounded. When he told her he had decided to try his luck at the lottery, she was at first irritated until she got the unexpected answer to her question of how much he had won.

"When he said, 'I think a million,' I couldn't believe it" she said.

Austin Eubank and his wife claimed their prize on Wednesday, withdrawing only $600 000 which was reduced to $424 506 after tax deductions. Although he had no special plans for the money, his wife said their first purchase would be a fishing pole for their 14-month-old son, Baylor.

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