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Still remember Bob Erbs of Terrace, BC, the winner of $25 million Lotto Max jackpot last month? A lot of people around his neighborhood are busy talking about him because a month after the winning, Bob has spent quite a lot of money to help others. This man has not changed and he is seen having lunch at the usual club where he usually dines in.

Erb is a single man who has a modest life and he never thinks about opening any strip club, buying a luxurious car or starting a lavish life. He never feels the urgency to change the way he lives as he said that he had enjoyed it. Instead, he uses his money to help people around him who needs some financial back up. He called his banker after knowing that he won then asked him to set some good financial plans for his grandchildren. He also helped the museum, some non-profit organizations, charities, and many others.

Erb said that he has been playing the lottery for 40 years. This is the first time he won big but it will not change anything because he has been used to living a modest life.

by LottoPrediction , Thu 13 December, 2012