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As soon as you hit the jackpot, you will be thrilled of course. But before you go and collect your lottery winnings, here are some guidelines for you.

Keep the Winning Ticket at a Secure Place

The best thing to do with the ticket that you own is to sign it. The officials of the lottery says that in this way you can protect your ticket even if it gets stolen, nobody else will never be able to claim it as theirs. Also you must keep a copy of your signed ticket with yourself. You may find a separate and secure place to keep the original ticket.

Keep Your Identity Hidden

If you do not wish to receive phone calls from people like creditors, charities etc. then do not let the lottery to disclose your name. A lot of lotteries disclose the names of the winners. If you remain anonymous, you will get some time alone to plan your finances and take decisions. 

Stand By For A Few Days 

It will be good if you delay to claim your prize. Also you may apply for some days off in your office. Unless the sum of money becomes yours legally, do not leave your existing job. You may also consult with your advocate and know what steps can be taken to claim the winning amount of money by being anonymous.

Gather Your Team of Professionals

Your professional team will know well that how you may collect the money and spend it wisely. Seek their help to make a proper financial strategy. Your team will help you examine all the financial impositions of all your choices before making any decision. A group comprising a financial advisor, an advocate and an accountant with proper certification shall advise you some well-planned ways to obtain and manage the money you will win and thus it will help you to understand your real financial situation.

It may happen that you do not get all the professionals at once. Also you may face some professionals who will be wolves in disguise. All you have to do is to select the advisors all by yourself to avoid any fraudulence. You may take references from your trusted sources like your family members or friends too. Also, you may seek help from those people who have won lottery in their past as they will guide you according to their experiences.

How Your Team Member Will Guide You

The financial advisor whom you will choose shall guide you in spending and saving your money in a right way. He will also help you to decide where and how to invest your money.

Your accountant shall make you aware of minimizing your taxes and will tell you that how much you will have to pay to Uncle Sam.

On the other hand, your advocate will be dealing with the legal matters like developing the plans of estate or preparing important documents.

Avoid working with those people who tries to force you into something. Plan wisely so that you gain a secure future ahead.

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