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Technology is like two sides of a coin. On one side, it can help people get connected to the world and make life easier and on the other side, it can cheat a lot of people with many frauds. One example is on social network like Facebook. There are so many people who use it to take some advantages and now a bad man using a Facebook name Nolan Daniels is doing his bad game on it by making use the Powerball Fever which has just happened in the US last week.

And it seems that a lot of people are still very gullible or perhaps ‘blind’ especially when it is related to their human nature’s greediness or easy money. Well, it is true that everyone wants to taste some share from the Powerball jackpot won last week but what is going on Facebook is really stupid and proves that people are still easily deceived despite the late technology they have lived with.

There is a photo of Nolan Daniels on Facebook holding fake Powerball winning ticket and he said that he wants to share $1 million to anyone who is willing to share his picture and like it. So many people fall for that picture and even though more people are posting warning statements about that fake news together with a link to the news, more shares and likes still come every minute and now it already hits more than 2 million shares! Unbelievable!

The saddest thing is that people still believe that it is true although it can be clearly seen from the picture that the ticket the man is holding is fake and the most stupid thing is that they thank this liar.

One comment says ‘Yes, I shared ur photo, thank you for sharing, especially on the holidays... Very thoughtful of you. I have someone like you that can’t drive for 3 yrs but would love to afford a car then for them. Thanks’.

The other even says ‘That would be nice id like to think id share, sure i would has i have always help the ones i could, whoever gets your gift i hope they share and it would hopefully keep going around, congrats!!!!!

This thing goes like crazy. So many people still like and share the pictures even some evidences are already presented by other Facebook users.
A knowledgeable user says ‘Just because that is really a blue jay sitting in a tree. If somebody believes it is a penguin. You can show them all the proof in the world, but it will remain a penguin to!’

Most of the deceived Facebook fans on this picture are old women. Well, the case ‘ liking and sharing’, may not be that dangerous but it is annoying as it is shared every second to people’s Facebook users’ walls. This may lead to some crimes or give inspiration to others to do so if not stopped. A lot of people join the lottery playing and win every week but it should not make others think that the winners will really share the money that way. Lottery winners do share some of their winning but it should be done in a more proper way rather than sharing pictures on Facebook.

Therefore, people should really be careful when there are provoking items on the internet. Not all what you see on your Facebook, Twitter or other social network is true. To all lottery winners, keep up with the spirit of sharing your luck to others and keep playing responsibly. 

by LottoPrediction , Mon 03 December, 2012