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People say winning a lottery can give you hard times rather than good ones. Some added that it is nothing more but a curse rather than bless. And such a condition has definitely been the cause of desperation and life destruction to so many lottery winners. Countless of jackpot recipients fail to pursue a good life after winning a lottery. Some live on food stamps, some end in jail, some get a broken family, some become drug and alcohol addicts and many more.

Fortunately, there are also many jackpot winners who lead a happy life after winning a lottery. Lottery winning brings a better life to them like it should be. They get what everyone wants to get, better wealth, higher education, more secure financial planning and the most important thing is, a happier life. They do not always need to be associated with a larger house, more luxurious car, bigger savings, or more lavish lifestyle. A more successful life refers more to a more improved existence and that’s what many lottery winners fail to accomplish.

According to some psychologists, there are a lot of psychological aspects that affect the lives of lottery winners to be good or bad after winning. Most successful lottery winners share some things in common, so do the unsuccessful ones. Those having a good life possess and do the following things while those ruining their life tend to forget these things:

1.    Determination

Stephen Danish, a psychology professor from the Virginia Commonwealth University says that lottery winners who get success in their lives are those having determination even before they win. Those who have good goals in their lives and always stick to them will not have bad life in the end. No matter if the goals are for long term or short term, general or specific goals, lottery winners who are determined to their goals will have a more successful life at the end.  Shorter goals will help the winners achieve them faster and long term goals will need harder work. The more specific the goals are the better and more regular life they will have.

The professor also added that life after winning the lottery can be very tough and only people with determination can face their life more confidently. Professor Danish makes a note of better preparation made by the determined lottery winners. Those who are not with strength of mind get weaker easily by people begging, asking, and threatening to get some share of the money. They will end up having no money at all though the professor also said added that there’s nothing wrong with lottery winners sharing some windfall to others as long as they remember to keep a good portion for their future.

2.    Ambition

Another psychological aspect that most successful winners have is ambition. When playing the lottery, some players are ambitious and some others are not. The most ambitious people who want to win the lottery will do a lot of things such as using statistics, working in groups and many others. After winning, these people will still have many ambitions in life and they tend to be more successful with their winning money.

People with ambition usually use their jackpot to get something bigger in their life. They will at least keep their money in the bank to get some interests. They do not really get into some people who are trying to get some benefits from them. Instead, they keep moving to get their ambition. They look selfish because they do not seem to care and share but people like them will fight hard to achieve their ambition and it is unlikely that they will spend their money for useless things like parties, girls or luxurious lifestyle.

3.    Self Control

Another psychological aspect that affects the success of lottery winners’ life is self control. This is actually closely related to the previous aspects, determination and ambition. If people are determined and ambitious, they will be able to control themselves. People with good self control will not get carried away easily. They would know that living a luxurious life will just ruin their luck instantly and even though they want to and they can do it, they can draw back.

People with self control know exactly when to stop. Having parties, helping friends, or sharing some windfall for charities are good to do but it is important to stop when the budget made for that part is fulfilled already. Stop having fun and get back to the right path.
Based on some analysis done by some psychologists, it can be noted that most lottery winners being successful after winning the lottery are those who are psychologically more mature than the others. Being determined, ambitious and organized will help lottery winners gain success in their lives.

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