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Powerball Fever has just attacked America. Something really surprising has just happened this week. The Powerball official has decided to increase the amount of the prize which was previously set for $425 Million to be drawn on Wednesday to be $550 Million. Unbelievable! This will be a good chance for the lottery punters to strike it rich.
The decision to raise the amount of the prize is caused by the profound ticket sales. More and more lottery players buy the tickets after knowing that the jackpot was hideous. And now, after the jackpot becomes $550 Million, it seems that the number of lottery players joining will increase rapidly.
If won on Wednesday, it would be the second biggest Powerball jackpot in history. The jackpot will be $360 million if taken cash but perhaps the winner would prefer taking it as annuity because there will be longer period for the winner to get free income every year. According to the officials, the prize can even reach up to $600 million. It is going to be one of the biggest lottery prizes this year. Not bad for a Christmas present!

by LottoPrediction , Thu 29 November, 2012