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Lottery winning always brings people to wow and there are so many winners whose lives change spectacularly after they scoop the cash.  Although the chance to win is relatively small as there are so many players while there are not enough prizes for everyone who joins, there are many of them who, either with their skills to predict the lottery numbers to be drawn or with the luck they have already got within them, could bring home quite a lot of money. And lottery prizes, be it $5 or $500 million will still make the winners smile and feel contented.

Do lottery winners plan to live a luxurious life after winning the lottery? Do they mess up their lives because they go to parties and forget who they were? No they don’t. Most lottery winners do plan unwise things with their money. In the history of American modern lotteries which started in the state of New Hampshire in 1964, there have been so many lottery winners who could transform their lives into something new, and better, after winning the lotteries, especially the big jackpots. Millions of lottery players have been doing great with their lives and here are 6 of them:

  1. Eddie Nabors from Dalton, the State of Georgia and Harold and Elaine Messner from New Jersey
    These three winners won a big jackpot of $390 million in Mega Millions on 6th March 2007. These three people were regular players of Mega Millions and they had been playing the lottery for quite a long time before they won. Just like other winners who did not plan to spend their money on luxury like what other people thought lottery winners might be doing with their winning, these three millionaires spent their money to help their family, relatives and friends.

    When asked about what he was going to do for himself with the money he just got, Eddie Nabors, who worked as a truck driver, just said that he wanted to go fishing.
  2. Carolyn and Jim McCullar from Washington, the winner of $380 Mega Millions Jackpot on January 4, 2011
    The McCullars said that they were very thankful for the prize but they did not have the intention to change their lives into opulence afterwards. Instead, they saved their money in the bank, gave some amount to their 6 children and helped the disadvantage people. They never had the intention to go around the world, buy a new car or have parties.
  3. A Syndicate of Eight Meatpacking Plant Workers from Nebraska Won $365 Million on February 18, 2006
    Eight workers from a meatpacking company, ConArga, consisting of one female and seven males shared a $365 jackpot in 2006. Most of them were immigrants and as they were not from rich families, they used their money to help the other members of the family. One of the syndicate members from Congo, Alain Maboussou used the money to study and get his business degree.
  4. The Kainzes from Illinois, and the Rosses from Michigan, Won $363 million
    On May 9, 2000
    These two families shared $363 million but they did not feel that they have become millionaires. They used their money to pay for the debt, invested on their brewery and renovated their house. There were no plans to have a lot of fun with the money.
  5. Frances and Robert Chaney and Steve and Carolyn West from Oregon, the winner of $340 Millions of Powerball Jackpot on October 19, 2005
    The Wests really know how to invest their money. They bought a big house with the money because they knew how easy it was for the money to just disappear if they did not buy a big thing.
  6. Louise White from Rhode Island, the Winner of Powerball Jackpot of $336.4 Million on February 11, 2012
    This winner from Rhode Island was one of the many lottery winners who knew how to deal with the law when winning the lottery. She appointed a lawyer and asked him to take care of all the legal matter dealing with her money which she kept in a safe deposit box in a bank. She also made a trust that would give benefit to her famil
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