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Not many people are as lucky as Chris and Colin Weir who won $161 million jackpot and not many winners are as generous as them. While most people change their lives dramatically after winning a big jackpot, Chris and Colin Weir still run their ordinary lives and spend some of their money for charity donation instead.

A day after winning the lottery, the couple received so many letters from different countries in the world to ask for some donation. Chris and Colin had already thought of giving some of their money for charity but they never thought that there would be so many people asking for help. They just did not expect to receive so many requests and of course they could not fulfill all of them.

A case like this often happens to lottery winners and people just do not want to miss any chances to get some shares. Don’t lottery winners want to share? They do, they always do and in fact, more and more lottery winners are willing to share more for people around them. Here aresome of the stories:

  1. $55.16 Million Jackpot Winner, Sheelah Ryan from Seminole County, Florida
    This winner won the jackpot in 1988 and she spent her winning to establish a foundation called the Sheelah Ryan Foundation which gave assistance to abused women, provided scholarship to students and also gave training and course programs to the unemployed. In addition to that, the foundation also gave meal to the old people. Every year, the foundation donated $200,000 for charity. This is such a great thing to do from the lottery winning unfortunately, Sheelah died 6 years later of cancer. Thankfully the foundation still continues giving help to others. 
  2. Barbara and Ray Wragg,  Sheffield, England
    This couple won £7.6 million (more than $15 million USD) and they donated almost $6 million to help people with cancer at the Weston Park Hospital and also for Children Hospital in Sheffield in 2000. They also gave some of the money to the war veterans and took 50 of them for a trip in Italy.
  3. Anonymous Taiwanese Teacher Donated All the Winning Money
    A teacher from Taiwan won NT10 million in 2005 and she donated all the money to some educational and cultural programs in the country. This lottery winner did not take a penny from the lottery jackpots and all of it went to the poor children who could not afford their education there in Taiwan.
  4. Anonymous Worker From Taichung, Taiwan
    Another Taiwanese winner won a jackpot of NT320 million or ($9,864,669 USD) in 2007 and donated almost 75% of the money to the Children Charity Association and to the employee who sold the lottery ticket to him. To everybody’s surprise, the employee took the money and gave extra to make it big enough ($3million) to be donated to the Taichung Family Assistance Centre.
  5. Chris and Colin, the Winner of $161 Million Jackpots
    This couple won the biggest lottery jackpot in the history of UK Euromillion and they did the first donation by helping a boy who needed a new prosthetic leg to substitute his amputated leg due to the rare cancer he suffered. This boy was one of the torch bearers in London Olympic 2012 and he could walk normally after being helped by Colin and Chris Weir.

    Chris and Colin also donated quite a lot of money from their winning for the development of an art centre called the Beacon in Greenock. This art centre’s focus is education and employment opportunities and they think that they can do more for the people by donating their money here. The £130,000 from the lottery winners was such a great help to build the centre.

    In addition to that, the couple also donated £900,000 to a sport training centre in Largs. The institution needed as much as £1.2m and the lottery winners gave 75% of the total cost needed to construct the building which will start in June 2013.

There are still many other stories about lottery winners who had great will to help people with their winning. What they have done is such a great inspiration and hopefully all lottery winners would also be willing to help others.

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