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You must have known about the Powerball drawing this week resulting in two winners to claim nearly $580 jackpot. This is such a big prize and no wonder that almost all Americans suffer from acute lotto fever on Wednesday. The tickets sales increased rapidly at almost 130,000 entries in a minute. This ticket frenzy and the unbelievable sales have just proved that lottery has become very popular and more American people want to get some instant cash. It will also indicate that once the winners are identified, they will be the most popular and the most sought people. Your life will not be the same again and you will need to adjust yourself with so many things so that you can cope with the new life. 

Winning the lottery is of course such a blessing and people would not mind to be a new millionaire. However, there are aspects, excess and consequences of becoming lottery winners and they are not that easy or simple. People will know instantly that you have just become a millionaire and they will make you some object of different interests. The hours after the winning are very crucial for the lottery winners to decide what will happen to them next. Lottery winners share their tips on what urgent things to do after winning the lottery.

  1. Make sure the ticket is signed and secured
    This is something that lottery winners often forget to do. Chances for the winning tickets to be stolen are quite big so signing the ticket after the announcement is very important to make sure that nobody can take the winning.  It is also crucial for the winners to keep the ticket somewhere safe before the plan is set.
  2. Hiring an Accountant and a Lawyer
    Chaos is usually the thing that comes up after a lottery winning. Once a lottery winner scoops millions of dollars, everything will change dramatically. Hiring a lawyer is highly recommended to help the winners manage the money and all other legal matters related to it. When winning, you will need to take care of taxes, charity, beneficiary and many other things to settle. It is not yet to mention relatives and acquaintances who suddenly become people you need to give money to. Talk to the accountant and the lawyer and they will give the best advice.
  3. Have a Full Protection to Yourself and the Family
    Protecting the family and people you love will be another urgent thing you have to do after winning the lottery. There are so many cases where the lottery winners and the family are being kidnapped so that the villain can get some money.  Hiring a bodyguard will sound too much but making sure that everyone in the family is protected is highly advised so that nobody can take the advantage and no lives can be harmed. 
  4. Avoid the Media by Claiming the Prize in a Secret Time and Place
    Media will always try to get a good news item and covering a full report on all lottery winners’ activities will be really interesting for them. The more the media know about you, the more insecure you and your family lives would be. If possible, keep everything secret to the media to minimize the troubles you can get. The least the media know the better.
  5. Have a good and Wise Plan
    Winning a lottery as proven to be a good thing that can change someone’s life but it can also lead to disaster if not well and wisely planned. It is no problem if you want to taste some luxurious life but just keep in mind that it will not last forever. Never spend the money entirely on luxury. Instead, invest it or save it. Quitting a job after a lottery winning is not a good idea either because if you don’t have a fixed income even it is just a little, your money will run out very fast. 

It is very important for lottery winners to pay attention to and do those 5 urgent things directly after winning so that they can get the biggest benefits from the money they have just won.

by LottoPrediction , Sat 01 December, 2012