What Is Advanced Prediction?

Our most advanced lottery predictions are formed through a variety of mathematical and statistical algorithms, constantly comparing past winning numbers to the deductive powers of computational models. Time and again, these advanced tactics have proven to be the most effective method for predicting the outcome of most lotteries. It is also a self-correcting process, as we will periodically examine the success rate of our advanced models on every individual lottery we work with and adjust the algorithms to better match the specifics required. This feature is only available for premium subscribers.

Latest Best Predictions
Lottery Draw Correct / Winning
Melate Melate Sun 24 Jan 2021 3 of 6 / ~$155
Lotto Lotto Sun 24 Jan 2021 5 of 6 / ~$65
EuroMillions EuroMillions Tue 26 Jan 2021 4 of 5 / ~$11
Mega Millions Multistate Mega Millions Tue 26 Jan 2021 1 of 5 / ~$7.0
Advanced Predictions Total Winning
total winning $1,346,049
Not bad, right?
Best Prediction in the Last 7 Days
Lottery Draw Date Winning
Melate Sun 24 Jan 2021 (3 of 6) $155.0