What Is Wisdom of Crowd Prediction?

When enough data is available, it becomes possible to look for patterns and regularities. Our Wisdom of the Crowd feature tracks the predictions provided by all individual users and displays the statistical favorites by all members combined. By crowdsourcing predictions like this, we can test the intelligence of the group as a whole, instead of relying on any single fallible source for advice. Members also have access to the entire record of past crowd predictions, so they can independently verify the viability of the system.

Latest Best Predictions
Lottery Draw Correct / Winning
Melate Melate Wed 17 Jul 2024 2 of 6 / ~$25
Lotto Lotto Wed 17 Jul 2024 4 of 6 / ~$5.0
Loto Loto Sat 20 Jul 2024 3 of 5 / ~$4.0
Wisdom of Crowd Predictions Total Winning
total winning $1,501,505
Not bad, right?
Best Prediction in the Last 7 Days
Lottery Draw Date Winning
Melate Wed 17 Jul 2024 (2 of 6) $25.0