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Do you know the secrets of winning lottery? There may be some answers for this question but there are at least two of the most important, those are positive thinking and patience. You may have been trying to be persistent buying lottery tickets for many years and haven’t got the best luck to win any of the prizes. However, you may need to hear the story of this lucky man from Redondo Beach in California, Greg McCammon.

Sometimes you may find the times when you cannot easily select the lottery numbers and their combinations in order to hit the jackpot. Some people believe that buying the same numbers in each drawing will be one of the best ways. If you are one of these people, you may need to be patient. It took ten years for Greg McCammon to finally win the Mega Millions jackpot on 10 July 2012.  He first bought the ticket in the lottery game in 2002 and played the same numbers ever since. His patience finally paid off as he finally scooped $341,215 as the second prize in the lottery. You may not believe that it will also take that long time for you to win but at least the positive thing you can learn is that you should never give up. With consistency and positive thinking you will win eventually. McCammon now has the chance to buy things he had wished for at least ten years such as buying a brand-new car on his own and also paying off all his bills.

Another story of patience comes from Bob Fidler, 74. This man, who currently lives in Cuba, Illinois, first bought the Illinois Lotto tickets twenty years ago. He had decided to buy the tickets when the jackpot already reached $3 million. He kept on buying 4 tickets for each drawing with the number combinations that represent the special family dates and birthdays. He had the thought that one day he would win at least from one of the tickets. You may never guess that this will work but FINALLY...It has. 11 July 2012 was the biggest day for him because as usual he bought those 4 combinations of numbers he had consistently bought and all those four tickets were the winning tickets at the draw.

You may be wondering how much he could get from those four tickets. The tickets won $27.50, $27.50, $802.50, and $4,047,802.50 consecutively from the first to the fourth tickets. The total of the prizes reached $4,048,660; his being persistent definitely paid off. You need to realize that good luck may come to you at the best time. You should never think that you may be too old to win the lottery prizes because like what happens to Bob Fidler, he now can afford to buy a new Cadillac XTS. Even that he had to wait and keep on being positive and patient for not less than twenty years, nobody would mind replacing his position right now. He also dreams of sending his grandchildren to college while his wife thinks of going on African Safari.
However, staying positive does not always mean that you need to wait for that long time like Greg McCammon who waited for 10 years or Bob Fidler who needed 20 years of playing in the lottery. If you can start to join the lottery games earlier starting from now, you may have better luck to win the prizes sooner than them. You may even win in the first time you start buying the lottery tickets. There is no other way of proving it unless you try. Just make sure that you think positively and never give up easily. The next ticket may be the winning ticket after the failure of the first ticket.

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