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Bitter and sweet things have happened in lottery world. This month is a particularly shocking month especially with the news of a lottery winner’s death, Amanda Clayton, as a result of, based on temporary investigation, drug overdose. It is not yet concluded whether the death is caused by pure overdose or a murder but before the case is examined further, the officers state that it is caused by drug use.
Learning from the unexpectedly heartbreaking news of the death of Amanda (25), the winner of one million dollars Lotto jackpot in Michigan, there are many things that lottery winners should learn from this case in order to avoid many problems that might happen after winning a lottery.

Winning a lottery is everybody’s dream and the jackpot can really change people’s life but winners have to be aware of certain things that might happen to them after that.   The winners will become subjects of many terrors be it from the closest people who want to get some shares of the windfall or from others who feel jealous with the luck. Even before buying the tickets then winning the lottery, players should be ready for the consequences they might face. This young Ms Clayton was perhaps not ready for the upshot of her winning and that’s why she troubles herself with drugs.

There are a few things which will be much better anticipated before and especially after lottery winning.

  1. Be Ready with Media Hype
    A lot of people want to win a big jackpot in a lottery to change their life but they are not really ready with the ‘changes’ and consequences. The winning will take some effects along with it and one of them is an overnight popularity. Once public know of this success, there will be less or even no privacy for the winners. Their life will totally be different from the previously quiet, peaceful and free life. Winning a lottery will be a great story to tell and the press will not just let the chances to make stories slip away. There will be dozens of interviews, TV conferences and other releases that require energy and thoughts. If not anticipated, these things can make the winners feel sick both mentally and physically.

  2. Anticipate Frauds from People Around
    Once public knows that somebody is having million dollars, suddenly there will be hundreds of new friends getting closer to him. These people are opportunist and they will try to use many ways, from the friendly, subtle ones to some violent techniques in order to get some shares from the jackpot. Family, relatives, colleagues and even acquaintances will suddenly be very nice but in the end they just want to get some money too.

    It also happens in Amanda’s case. According to her best friends, before winning the lottery, Amanda was a nice, quiet girl who did not have too many friends. She lives an ordinary life with her two children peacefully. After the winning, many people tried to claim to be her friends. They tried to call her, drop by her apartments and see her at work. At the beginning it looks and feels nice but then it is getting more depressing because all of the friendship boils down to the money. 

  3. Never Quit the Jobs
    The amount of money scooped from lottery jackpots might make people think that they will not need to work for the rest of their life as the money will be more than enough. This is a false opinion. No matter how big the prize is, it is always important for lottery winners to do activities to support their life. In addition to the regular salary to receive, working can give positive aura, better social life and make people enjoy life more.

  4. Spend the Money Wisely
    Easy come, easy go. This proverb should always be in all lottery winners’ mind when they win a big money. As it is relatively easy for them to get the money, it will probably much easier for the money to go. That is why it is very essential to save the money in the bank, pay insurances or for the children’s education rather than just spending it on parties. There’s nothing wrong with celebrations but it is much better to be ready for the worst time in life.

In Amanda’s case, perhaps she had known that she would not have lived long because she had spent some of the jackpot for her young children’s college. Losing the mother is certainly the most terrible disaster to happen for the two children but at least she had prepared their future.  

If planned and faced carefully and wisely, winning a lottery is not that bad and many people have proven to be successful in their life even after winning very big jackpots. 

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